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Linoan by AliceTheBRabbit Linoan :iconalicethebrabbit:AliceTheBRabbit 81 4 Chapter Five by omgdragonfly Chapter Five :iconomgdragonfly:omgdragonfly 104 40 Fire Emblem 5 Thracia 776 ~swordmaster Shiva~ by kamiomutsu Fire Emblem 5 Thracia 776 ~swordmaster Shiva~ :iconkamiomutsu:kamiomutsu 37 11 FE Collab: Salem by DreamChasingWindie FE Collab: Salem :icondreamchasingwindie:DreamChasingWindie 8 5 FE Collab: Sleuf by DreamChasingWindie FE Collab: Sleuf :icondreamchasingwindie:DreamChasingWindie 6 1 I don't want my heart back... by Nijichan I don't want my heart back... :iconnijichan:Nijichan 18 144 Fire Emblem Thracia 776 - killing machines by Atey Fire Emblem Thracia 776 - killing machines :iconatey:Atey 12 7 FE4: CeliceLeaf - Valentine's by KatYoukai FE4: CeliceLeaf - Valentine's :iconkatyoukai:KatYoukai 24 8 Older Finn and Brave Lance by RoyLover Older Finn and Brave Lance :iconroylover:RoyLover 27 31 Eliwood and Hector by pizza-tron-2010 Eliwood and Hector :iconpizza-tron-2010:pizza-tron-2010 12 0 WIP - Eliwood by AtroposGhost WIP - Eliwood :iconatroposghost:AtroposGhost 4 2 eliwood by 33O eliwood :icon33o:33O 39 3 - Chopin: a letter - by CeciliaBohemien - Chopin: a letter - :iconceciliabohemien:CeciliaBohemien 7 0 Sigurd Bust by Shun-one Sigurd Bust :iconshun-one:Shun-one 17 5 Sigurd by Shun-one Sigurd :iconshun-one:Shun-one 52 19 Shut up and cry by HametsuNoCharge Shut up and cry :iconhametsunocharge:HametsuNoCharge 3 0
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Pride Month: Fryderyk Chopin by Mewsol Pride Month: Fryderyk Chopin :iconmewsol:Mewsol 8 1 virtuosi by Mewsol virtuosi :iconmewsol:Mewsol 7 3 the thoughts which poison my happiness by Mewsol the thoughts which poison my happiness :iconmewsol:Mewsol 4 0 considering the whole game is a dream anyway by Mewsol considering the whole game is a dream anyway :iconmewsol:Mewsol 3 2 mournful yet grand by Mewsol mournful yet grand :iconmewsol:Mewsol 2 4 quick Chopin sketch by Mewsol quick Chopin sketch :iconmewsol:Mewsol 1 1 Rowlet icon by Mewsol Rowlet icon :iconmewsol:Mewsol 12 4 Wolfie concept sketch 2 by Mewsol Wolfie concept sketch 2 :iconmewsol:Mewsol 3 0 Proud Historical Shipper stamp by Mewsol Proud Historical Shipper stamp :iconmewsol:Mewsol 6 8 Wolfie concept sketch 1 by Mewsol Wolfie concept sketch 1 :iconmewsol:Mewsol 2 3 welcome to MT. SILVER | population: 1 by Mewsol welcome to MT. SILVER | population: 1 :iconmewsol:Mewsol 11 5
drabble: morning sun
Title: morning sun
Rating: PG
Words: 835
Summary: A quick drabble about Espeon. Red discovers the path to his own happiness.
“We’re here, we’re... home.”
Red let out his other Pokémon friends into the spacious cavern. Completely empty, a few wild Pokémon hanging around behind rocks- but it was perfect. Close to the summit, Red could see and hear the blizzard howling outside that protected him from the strangers and the people who didn’t understand. It was unfortunate, that things had to be this way, that the only way for him to truly be happy was surrounded by Pokémon and away from people. Red had failed the people he cared about most; he’d lost his only human friends in the whole world... what other choice was there, than to remain here until the world forgot who he was? Only eleven years old with the weight of the world on his shoulders... this place was where he could release it all, scream into the wind
:iconmewsol:Mewsol 1 0
Red's romantic observations (ch. 3)
Title: Red's romantic observations
Rating: PG-13
Words: 3130 (currently)
Chapters: 3/?
Summary: After Red starts dating Green, he decides to keep a journal recording his daily activities with him- all in an attempt to understand dating conventions, and perhaps Green's inner thoughts.
[ entry vii ]
Green was shuddering when he woke up this morning; it was a scary sight. I know it had something to do with a memory but I couldn’t quite place it then, so I just hugged him and rubbed his back to keep him calm. I was very quiet but I kept saying ‘it’s okay, it’s okay’ and I could tell that worked, at least for that moment. Green is really the only person who I can be truly happy with, so I wanted to return that favor for him. I think he deserves all the happiness in the world, especially since his past was much worse than mine. I’ve never been told all the time that I’m less than human, a mistake, a disappoin
:iconmewsol:Mewsol 5 3
redoodles by Mewsol redoodles :iconmewsol:Mewsol 8 7 PMD ver: Red by Mewsol PMD ver: Red :iconmewsol:Mewsol 11 0 smooooch by Mewsol smooooch :iconmewsol:Mewsol 13 3

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Hi! I'm announcing that I'm now part of a wonderful game development team I've called VIVACE Project, and I'm looking for classical music fans to help work on the FIRST EVER RPG about classical composers! let's face it Eternal Sonata has nothing to do with Chopin

The premise:
  • Classical composers and their friends as the party members
  • Fantasy RPG with typical RPG classes, + late 18th- early 19th century historical setting + a hint of steampunk
  • a totalitarian sect of the Freemasons has been secretly using time travel to establish 'perfect' regimes in the future
  • freedom of expression is limited, and anyone who goes against the regime's ideas of morality is executed secretly- mostly artists, writers, and composers
  • the characters must use time travel to destroy the regime and prevent not only their art, but that of others, from being lost forever.

Party members list:
Bach - Sage
Vivaldi - Cleric
Handel - Mage
Mozart - Minstrel
Constanze - Thief
Haydn - Minstrel
Beethoven - Warrior
Salieri - Cleric
Chopin - Mage
Liszt - Warrior
George Sand - Sniper
Marie d'Agoult - Spellblade
Wagner - Warrior

Some sprite sheets that have been made:…

Want in? We need help on the story, dialogue, gameplay mechanics, sprites, music, and use of RPG Maker. If you can assist with any of these things it would be great! We have a group chat for discussion of this game, so if you would like to work with the other members of VIVACE Project, please let me know your Skype.

  • Playing: Hatsune Miku Project Mirai DX


Started playing Fire Emblem Awakening. Please, no spoilers, but I'm on Chapter 13 right now.
I'm going to be at AnimeNEXT as Red! Catch me in the Dating Game, Saturday at noon u vu/
Who is your favorite interpreter of Chopin's music? So far mine is Vladimir Ashkenazy. (ノ*゜▽゜*)
I want to go to Warsaw ; v; /


Mewsol has started a donation pool!
562 / 1,000

I do NOT take requests!

Requests - I Don't Do Them by DemonGemini6 Requests stamp by MeganTheRabbit no requests-stamp by ILoveKnucklesShadow Requests are Closed by savagebinn No Requests by SweetDuke No Requests Stamp by StampMakerLKJ dont take requests stamp by ohhperttylights I accept commissions, not requests. by MariposaBullet


Normally there will only be one chibi.
You can commission more chibis in the picture (up to 5).

1 chibi- 10 :points:
2 chibis- 15 :points:
3-5 chibis- 20 :points:

Place, je passe by Mewsol From Mozart, with love by Mewsol


20 :points:- a colored sketch of any character
30 :points:- a complete digital drawing of any character, or a traditionally colored drawing of any character
20 :points:- a colored sketch of two to four characters
50 :points:- a complete digital drawing of two to four characters, or a traditionally colored drawing of two to four characters
20 :points:- a pixel avatar, not animated
40 :points:- an animated avatar, 2-3 frames (see specific avatar commissions below!)
70 :points:- a complete digital drawing, wallpaper size, of 1-5 characters.

Anything else? Just ask!

Dearest little Anneliese by Mewsol Wolfable used... Metronome? by Mewsol


:bulletred: MOCHIS :bulletred:
(I do Pokémochis and Mochitalia)

10 :points:- Blinking mochi, transparent background
20 :points:- Changing expressions, transparent background
25 :points:- Changing expressions with a country flag or Pokémon element background (depending on the Pokémon)
10 :points:- Bouncing mochi, transparent background
30 :points:- Bouncing mochi, changing expressions, transparent background
35 :points:- Bouncing mochi, changing expressions, country flag or Pokémon element background

Mochi-chu Avatar (FREE!) by Mewsol Ita-mochi Avatar (FREE!) by Mewsol

:bulletgreen: HETALIA SHIPPING HEARTS :bulletgreen:

5 :points:- Heart with country flags, moves up and down, transparent background, sparkles
10 :points:- Heart with country flags, background of choice, shadow

GerIta avatar (FREE!) by Mewsol Spamano avatar (COMMISSION) by Mewsol PruIta avatar (COMMISSION) by Mewsol RoChu avatar (COMMISSION) by Mewsol LietPol avatar (COMMISSION) by Mewsol AusHun avatar (COMMISSION) by Mewsol

:bulletblue: CHIBIS, CHARACTERS :bulletblue:
(Any other characters will be in chibi form, or just with simple animation.)

30 :points:- Blinking, no background
35 :points:- Blinking, gradient background
40 :points:- Changing expressions, gradient background
40 :points:- Blinking, drawn background
45 :points: Changing expressions, drawn background, OR character with simple animation (see below)

Kurt Hummel avatar by Mewsol Ludwig von Koopa avatar (REQUEST) by Mewsol Slime Avatar (FREE!) by Mewsol

Free things!
- Sketch requests of my OTPs.
- Stamps.
- Quick 25-min sketches.

These increase commission price:

Background- +10-20 :points:, depending on how detailed.
Frames- +10 :points: per frame if you go over 5 frames
Image Size- It depends, usually +10 :points: if it is larger than 1800x1800 px.
Style and Length of Time- If you want me to draw in a specific style different than my own, or the commission takes longer than 10 hours, then the point increase can range from +20-30 :points:.
NSFW- Automatic +40 :points:, no exceptions. If it requires a mature content rating, then it falls under this category.


Requests - Closed by SweetDuke Trades - Open by SweetDuke Point Commissions - Open by SweetDuke
Collaborations - Ask Me by SweetDuke Gifts - Friends Only by SweetDuke Kiribans - Open by SweetDuke

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Hey, I'm Mewsol. I'm shipping trash and a Pokémaniac.
I'd say I'm rather critical and judgemental, but with good intentions. I'm passionate about art, music and literature and I like to help people express themselves and improve their work.
I'm inspired easily by nearly everything, which is what brought my love for classical music out of it's sleep from my childhood years. I become obsessed with my interests a lot, so I tend to be a bit bothersome.

Fandoms I'm in:
Mozart l'opéra rock

MORaholic buddehs :heart:

Italian language level by kailafoxxplz
If only.. by nuyuna

Proud to be Queer by Sl1mSh4dy
Not proud of my sexuality- but how I don't let it affect my INDIVIDUALITY. :heart::love:

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Social Justice Warriors by WaywardSoothsayer



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